Semi-physical simulation system of Celestial


Simulation&Show Software + semi-physical simulation hardware + Our comprehensive combination of technology implementation

Keeping up with the technological frontierTechnology

Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength
Custom development, your clients and teams.

System integration, project management

System Integration

Visual system, multi-person cooperative business system, Offensive and defensive countermeasures

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  • Network Application Invitation

    1) Proven track record of selling, building, and/or deploying technology solutions;
    2) More than 3 year to design projection system or audio/video engineer’s experience;
    3) Independent reading in English for equipments’ manuals and documents;
    4) Experience designing and presenting technical solutions to meet customer requirements;
    5) Familiar with Virtual Really&Audioo&Video technology is an advantage;
    6) Quick learner, and ability to work under pre

    VR Engineer / 2 people

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